AMHA #94978 AMHR #99461
DOB 3/22/1998
Supers foals are placing Top Ten at AMHA Worlds. He compliments his mares with his nice dishy head, confirmation correctness, and a terrific personality. He has World Champions on both the Top & Bottom Side.
Oak Forest Machos Topaz
Johnstons Super Charger
Sire of 6X World Champion
     "ME-HE Super Tuff Enuff
Sire of Champions
    ME-HE Double Delight
Sire of Reserve World Champions
   ME-HE Super Star Burst
   ME-HE Supers Buck N Gold Digger
Sire of World Top Tens
   ME-HE Supers Live The Legend
   ME-HE Super Duper Recharged
   ME-HE Supers Mega Bucks
   ME-HE Supers Serendipity
   ME-HE Supers Buck & Bling Bling
   ME-HE Supers Buck of Gold
   ME-HE Happy Trails
   ME-HE Cowboy Joe
OMP Super Chargers Super Duper
World Top Five Senior Stallion 28 - 30
World Top Three Amateur Senior Stallion Level 2
World Top Ten Amateur Senior Stallion Level 1
AMHA Register of Merit Open Stallion
AMHA Register of Merot Amateur Stallion
AMHA Register of Merit Solid Color Stallion & Gelding
3X Top Ten Honor Rolls
OMP Super Chargers Super Duper
Top Ten Stallion producing Top Ten Get
Breeding Fee $750.00 
ME-HE Miniature Horses
For Sale
For Sale
Show Results
Stallions (click name to view)
OMP Super Chargers Super Duper (For Sale)
Blue Ribbon Bodacious Buzz (For Sale)
ME-HE Colorado Chrome 
ME-HE Cowboy Joe (Sold)
Mares (clck name to view)
ME-HE Supers Buck N Gold Digger
Landry's Buckette
Blue Ribbon Lads Lil Lucy (Sold) 
Indian Peaks Prima Donna  (Sold)
Indian Peaks Sweet Sophistication  (For Sale)
ME-HE Annie Oakley 
ME-HE Cinnamon Twist (Sold)
ME-HE Calamity Jane 
ME-HE Belle Star  (For Sale)
ME-HE Clementine (For Sale)
ME-HE Diamond Lil (For Sale)
Geldings (click name to view) 
ME-HE Mr B  (Sold)
ME-HE Diesel (Sold)
ME-HE Buzzin AC Spectre  (Sold)
ME-HE Happy Trails  (Sold)
ME-HE Red Ryder  (Sold)
ME-HE Bronco Billy  (Sold)
ME-HE Premiers Winchester (Sold)